Avtex Super Slim 21 inch LED breedbeeld TV / DVD

Avtex Super Slim 21 inch LED breedbeeld TV / DVD

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Avtex Super Slim 21 inch LED breedbeeld TV / DVD
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AVTEX Super Slim 21 INCH LED Widescreen TV / DVD / SAT - Freeview / Rec

Our very latest new ultra-slim design featuring FULL HD (not just HD Ready) with the very latest DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 Digital technology built-in giving you additional HD channels through your regular aerial and your satellite dish.  Our best range yet gives you a clarity and depth of field to enhance your viewing enjoyment.  Feel and see the difference in our new DRS range that simply ooze quality and sophistication putting it in a different class to other mobile leisure specific TVís.  This is the ultimate Avtex All-in-One.


  • 21.5Ē FULL HD widescreen [1080p]
  • DVBT & DVBT2 digital tuner 
  • DVB-S & DVB-S2 digital satellite tuner
  • HD built-in in for terrestrial and satellite channels
  • DVD/CD player
  • AQT one button tuning system
  • Pause/playback live TV/Instant record to USB on both Satellite and TV 
  • Timer record from programme guide (EPG)
  • 2xHDMI/2xUSB/phono/headphone/audio in/co-axial audio-out
  • CI socket for access for pay TVís
  • Wall mountable VESA standard
  • 240v AC / 12v24v DC
  • Digital text/fastext
  • Low battery indicator


Width    510mm, Height    345mm, Depth    48mm


4.8kg (with stand)