Avtex 18.5 Inch Super Slim Led Combi TV / DVD

Avtex 18.5 Inch Super Slim Led Combi TV / DVD

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Avtex 18.5 Inch Super Slim Led Combi TV / DVD
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AVTEX 18.5 INCH Super Slim LED Combi TV / DVD / SAT - Freeview / Rec

The Avtex L186DRS Portable Travel TV. A contemporary, super slim modern 12v TV ideal for when traveling in your boat, caravan or motorhome.

Avtex L186DRS TV – Overview

NEW for 2013 from Avtex, the 18.5” L186DRS LED TV. The Avtex L186DRS TV is middle sized TV new generation of “Ultra Slim” travel TV’s. The range of Avtex portable 12v TV’s including the all NEW L186DRS are a result of the continued development by Avtex for over 20 years in designing and distributing televisions predominantly for boats, caravans and motor homes.

Avtex L186DRS TV – Description

The Avtex L186DRS Triple Tuner TV has been released for 2013 with a whole array of new features. The super stylish, contemporary, super slim design will make this 12V TV an instant hit, making the Avtex L186DRS one of the Best Caravan TV for 2013, when choosing a compact, stylish, feature packed Caravan TV or Motor Home TV. The L186DRS TV from Avtex replaced the popular L185DR bringing along many refinements, the most noticeable are the addition of the integrated DVB-S2 High Definition satellite decoder.

Avtex designed the L186DRS from the ground up incorporating a host of features and improvements over the L185DRS. Due to the compact and light weight nature of the L186DRS it is also suited to being used in boats and trucks as well as caravans and motor homes. As you would expect from Avtex, this 12v TV built to the highest quality ensuring your TV stays functioning at all times. The L186DRS has also got the market leading AQT (Avtex Quick Tune) system, this allows the TV to be tuned in quickly with the press of a single button.

The Avtex L186DRS uses the same (A+) high grade LED screen as used in all there range, this ensures you will have no dead or bright pixels, meaning a crystal clear perfect viewing experience every time. The quality of the screen also comes in to play when you consider it has a vastly larger viewing angle than compared with cheap caravan TV’s.

Purposely designed for the outdoor leisure industry the L186DRS can record and pause live TV to an external USB memory stick or USB HDD (Hard Disk Drive), minimum size of 250MB to a maximum size of 250GB. Along with this you can couple your Blu-ray player to the L186DRS using the 2x HDMI sockets on the rear of the set.

Avtex L186DRS TV – Features
  • 18.5” Full HD widescreen LED Panel with awesome viewing angles
  • Triple Tuner integrated: DVB-S2
  • Built-in Freeview Receiver
  • DVB-S2 High Definition satellitedecoder built-in
  • DVD / CD Player Integrated
  • EPG (Electronic Program Guide) with timer record
  • Easy Find II - Digital Tuning Tool
  • FM Transmitter (Wireless Surround Sound)
  • HD Ready, 2x HDMI Input sockets
  • CI Slot for access to pay TV channels
  • Wall mountable VESA standard
  • Pause / Playback live TV / Instant record to USB
  • 240v AC Mains Adaptor and 12v/24v DC Power Lead
  • Digital Text / Fast Text
  • SCART / USB / HDMI / Phono / Headphone sockets
  • Low Power Consumption
Avtex L186DRS – Dimensions
  • Width : 512mm
  • Height : 316mm
  • Depth : 49mm (without stand)
  • Weight : 3kg
Avtex L186DRS TV – Whats Included
  • L186DRS 12v Tv
  • L186DRS Remote Control
  • L186DRS 230v Mains Adapter
  • L186DRS 12v DC Power Lead
  • L186DRS Owners Manual
Avtex L186DRS TV – Warranty

All Avtex products come with a standard 12 months warranty.